Covid 19 Traveler Information

Beginning July 1, 2021, all businesses, large events, and organizations across the state may once again operate at 100% of maximum capacity.

* Fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a mask in either indoor or outdoor settings.*

* There have been no state travel restrictions or requirements since mid-February.

The safety and well-being of our residents and visitors has always been Santa Fe County's top priority. Now, more than ever, we are dedicated to helping you feel confident to travel safely. Santa Fe County continues to work closely with our business partners, monitoring the new safety procedures and practices being implemented within restaurants, accommodations, attractions, venues and more, to ensure you can feel comfortable during your visit.

Per the CDC, in most circumstances, fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a mask in either indoor or outdoor settings. All individuals who are unvaccinated or not yet fully vaccinated are still required to wear a mask in public settings.

All individuals, including those who are fully vaccinated, should continue to wear well-fitted masks where required by localities, tribal entities, and individual businesses. The state fully supports businesses and workplaces that may continue to require masks for employees and/or customers on the premises, regardless of vaccination status.

Per CDC guidance, masks continue to be required to be worn by all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, in the following settings:

Health care settings, including but not limited to hospitals, long-term care facilities, and doctors’ offices

Correctional facilities

Homeless shelters

Public transportation, including but not limited to buses, trains, and planes and in transportation hubs such as airports and stations.




Covid risk levels New Mexico

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